Board Members

Dr. Jennie Lin-Zambito Ivey, PhD PAS

University of Tennessee; Assistant Professor

Jennie is Allie’s older and only sister. Although nearly 8 years separated them in age, they were very close and shared a deep love for good coffee, food, and fun.

Linda Zambito

Linda is Allie’s Momma. Alongside Ed, her husband and Allie’s father, Linda has dedicated her life to raising Jennie and Allie. Linda has always been Allie’s biggest fan and could often be seen cheering for Allie no matter the event. Allie had a passionate love for Linda’s cooking and loved coming home for freshly made meals.

Dr. Patrick Teevan, Pt, DPT, MS
Board Member

Select Physical Therapy, Connecticut

Patrick and Allie met in PT school at the University of Delaware and swiftly fell in love. Throughout their time together, they challenged each other academically, professionally, and athletically to be the best version of themselves. Despite this, not a day went by that was not filled with laughs, love, and quality time. Both shared a love of sarcasm, beach days, and good beer.

Dr. Michael Bixler, PhD, MEng

Board Member

Marine Academy of Technology and Environmental Science; Instructor

Mike taught Allie several times in high school math courses, during which they forged a strong mutual respect. Their friendship continued throughout college and beyond

Dr. Kimberly Reich, PhD, ACSM EP-C, CHWC

Board Member

Kim advised Allie during her tenure at HPU and quickly became one of Allie’s most trusted mentors, confidants, and friends.