The Allie Rose Zambito Sunshine Scholarship is now accepting applications for the 2022-2023 academic year. Second year physical therapy students currently enrolled in a doctoral program at either High Point University or the University of Delaware are invited to apply.

Please complete the application below in full to be considered for this scholarship. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Jennie Ivey at

The Application period will close at 11:59pm on December 11, 2022

Application Content

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Personal Information

Applicants will be asked to provide their name, mailing address, email address, phone number, school affiliation, and a professional headshot.

Professional and Academic Information

Each applicant will be asked to provide a current resume or CV, a copy of their current academic transcripts, and to identify if they are in good academic standing within their institution.

Essay 1

On Allie’s first day of freshman year at High Point University, she encountered a comical setback that left a lasting impression throughout her academic and professional career, in addition to her personal life. Allie was one for promptness, and with an optimistic outlook on her collegiate career decided to take a shortcut across the grassy promenade adorned in her favorite footwear, flip flops. Walking with confidence, Allie placed her foot on what she thought was grass but instead found herself flying backwards and landing directly on her brand-new backpack, staring up at the sky in a puddle of mud. After soothing a minorly bruised ego and laughing at the situation, Allie changed into a fresh set of clothes and mustered the courage to show up to class a half hour late. Although Allie’s fateful day in the mud was a minor impediment to her academic tenure, her mental prowess and ability to find humor in any situation allowed her to overcome. She translated this outlook into many situations throughout her young adult life, ultimately providing her with the skills and mental toughness to succeed in any situation. Within your professional and personal life there are certain to be less than ideal circumstances that will require similar dedication and determination. Please share a time where you ‘fell in the mud’ by detailing how you overcame a difficult situation in order to continue on your academic path. Further, tell us how your actions will impact your success as a physical therapist. Please keep your response to under 500 words, and upload in PDF format.

Essay 2

Allie was a true competitor, both on and off the playing field. She could often be found in the gym, with a heavier, deeper squat than most. She pushed her ability to perform, and loved to compete in team sports and running, completing two half-marathons. Allie was a successful field hockey player, with experience in outdoor and indoor formats, along with lacrosse, and a dash of flag football, softball, and volleyball. Allie always motivated others to be physically active and often worked to make exercise and movement fun for everyone. Whether it be helping create a workout plan, playing through the pain, or simply encouraging others to make time for themselves, Allie was dedicated to practicing what she preached. In Allie’s time within the UDPT program, she continued to apply her fundamental approach to a healthy lifestyle with her patients. Her excitement for a patient that worked hard, made progress, and was eager to stay active was tangible, and gave her purpose within her work. Motivating others to exercise and live an active lifestyle is not easy. Explain how you will use your personal experience with exercise, education, and physical therapy knowledge to motivate others to always keep moving. Please keep your response to under 500 words, and upload in PDF format.